Goodbye Dust: Tips and Tricks

Most carpets are manufactured to be stain resistant. But it is inevitable for the carpet not to trap dust or dirt. Do you know how many mites survive in one ounce of dirt? Well, about 40,000 mites. Over time this dirt can lead to infection, allergies. It may also cause a bad odor and discolors the carpet giving it an unpleasant look.

dirty carpet

It is very important for one to clean the carpet. Many people prefer steam cleaning, because it not only cleans the carpet but also kills the bacteria. Here are a few tricks you can try the next time you steam clean your carpet.

Before using the steam cleaning product, it is good to test it. Try it on a small area of the carpet where it is not visible to many. Use the steam cleaning product and look at the result. Does it remove stains or does it burn the carpet? If so, do you need to get another steam cleaner?

Before cleaning the floor it is also good to vacuum. It reduces the dirt or mud, giving your carpet a better chance in being clean and stain free.

cleaning with vacuum

You can also use water to clean the carpet. Not many know this but baking soda is usually able to eliminate bad odor and remove stains. All you have to do is add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 cup of water. Then pour it on places that are stained, leave it for some time then proceed to steam cleaning it.

When you’re done with steam cleaning, the next thing you do is wipe the dirt using a piece of cloth. Steam cleaning loosens all the dirt and it becomes easier to wipe it out.

It is also good to look at the weather as it is advisable to steam clean on warm, dry days. This way your carpet will dry easily and have a fresh scent.

Even after steam cleaning, you should try your best to keep your carpet clean for a long period of time. This can be through having a mat just near the door where people wipe their feet before getting in – this may not seem to do much, but believe me, it helps a lot!

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