Cleaning the Carpet: The Need for the Best Steam Mop and More

Carpet cleaning is a task that no one really enjoys. Carpets can get full of pet hair easily as well as dirt and dust from people walking on them. Aside from using a good quality steam mop, there are other carpet cleaning tips for beginners to make this task easier.

Vacuum Often

Woman cleaning her house
Woman cleaning her house

It is recommended that a person vacuum their floor twice a week. This will help prolong the life of the carpet and keep dirt and grime from building up. Once a week the crevice tools should be used to clean hard to reach places such as corners and baseboards.

Add Baking Soda

Put a little bit of baking soda in the vacuum bag or the canister. This will help fight the odors that can be left on the floor and will prevent odors from forming.

Divide Up

vacuuming the carpet

If a person has wall to wall carpeting it can be easy to miss a spot. One of the ways to clean the carpet that you should make a habit is to divide the carpet into sections. It is best to divide the area into four separate sections. Be sure to vacuum or mop the entire section before moving onto the next one. This can help prevent entire spots from being missed. A person may have to go over the section a couple of times to make sure that it gets cleaned.

Add Soil Retardants

There are special soil retardants that can be applied to new or almost new carpets. This extra protection will help prevent stains. Be sure to follow the directions exactly. This will help protect the carpet and prevent damage. This is especially useful in high traffic areas.

These are just some tips for beginners to help keep carpets clean. Not only will a clean carpet lead to better health for the residents of a home, cleaning the carpets will help extend the life of a carpet as well and will allow it to last for years longer than carpets that are not cared for. If you wish to enjoy a cleaner home, follow these tips! Need expert advice on which steam mop or vacuum to buy? Head to Steamclean.reviews, or visit this link http://steamclean.reviews/best-hardwood-floor-mops/.

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